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Theme-based links:
learning tips:
- how to learn another language quickly - tips and tricks
http://www.freispiel.de/ - look here for games and (what is more important) for homepages of German gamemakers
LiTerra - Audio Books of a number of Russian famous poets
- you'll find some German poems (human-read audio books) here with links to gutenberg De e-texts
http://ingeb.org - German and Russian folk songs, texts and melodies
stories, fairy tales, fun stuff:
http://www.gutenberg.org - free e-texts and audio books, human-read and computer-generated.
http://lib.ru/ - Библиотека Максима Мошкова, daily updated online library. В основном, книги на русском.
- Deutsche Märchen
http://www.mega-anekdot.com - really funny stuff from Russia.
-Free online Russian language lessons
- German Courses of Deutsche Welle
http://www.german-grammar.de - manual of German language for English speakers.
- Learn German with BBC.
http://dict.tu-chemnitz.de/ - more than 900,000 german words translations with examples, hints and more
http://www.websters-online-dictionary.org - Webster’s Online Dictionary with Multilingual Thesaurus Translation

Welcome to the site of the Community of the CDP!

People study foreign languages on completely different reasons. Someone to pass examination, or it is necessary for someone's work, and for someone it is just an entertainment. And there is no better way of getting to know another person, another nation and thus determine for yourself your own place in the big world than by mastering their language.

But not depending on your motivations, we hope, that the given page will be useful for you.

We won't be trying "to teach" you a foreign language. Rather to show how you can use it and enjoy your (already existing) knowledge.

Here you will find practical recommendations on studying languages, descriptions of various educational resources, as well as interesting and useful (from our point of view) stories, poetry, songs and mini-games.

The given part of the site is planned to be updated monthly. You can fill up our collection. We are asking you to refrain from unprintable or rough language (especially, out of place :o). The selection of the materials will be carried out by the Administration of the Conservative Development Party.

We're looking forward to hearing from you!

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  • Learning words
    • Animals 1 (Ru)
    • Pets (Ru)
    • Nature (Ru)
    • Animals 1 (De)
    • Pets (De)
    • Nature (De)
Songs - text:
melodies: only in the flash-version of the page.
Learning resources.
Contact information: Chairman of the CDP: Alex A. Soubbotin. — Telephone: 765-4845. — E-mail: Alex@Soubbotin.com.