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Useful links: - not a very big one, but a great place for useful freeware downloads, very convenient - freeware and shareware - here you will also find a lot of useful freeware-programs - the home-page of Firefox, one of the best browsers, and of Thunderbird, a post client (both are freeware) - German anti-virus program, freeware - a list and reviews of free web-hostings - a free multilingual encyclopedia, in which each can create, change or supplement any article - freeware games, some of them are just brilliant

Contact information

Chairman of the CDP:
Alex A. Soubbotin.
Telephone: 765-4845.
Theme-based links. During our wanderings through the spaces of the Internet we have found out the following pages, which, probably, will be interesting and for you also:
learning tips: - how to learn another language quickly - tips and tricks.
online-games: - look here for games and (what is more important) for homepages of German gamemakers.
LiTerra - Audio Books of a number of Russian famous poets. - you'll find some German poems (human-read audio books) here with links to gutenberg De e-texts.
songs: - German and Russian folk songs, texts and melodies.
stories, fairy tales, fun stuff: - free e-texts and audio books, human-read and computer-generated. - Библиотека Максима Мошкова, daily updated online library. В основном, книги на русском. - Deutsche Märchen - really funny stuff from Russia.
online-courses -Free online Russian language lessons,2142,2469,00.html - German Courses of Deutsche Welle - manual of German language for English speakers. - Learn German with BBC.

!   Please, keep it in mind, that the content of some materials, placed on the given pages, may prove to be insulting for you. And do not forget (as usual in the Internet) to be armed with anti-virus program, firewall and antispyware.