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Useful links: - not a very big one, but a great place for useful freeware downloads, very convenient - German anti-virus program, freeware - a list and reviews of free web-hostings - free e-texts and audio books, human-read and computer-generated - free audio books, human-read - folk songs, German and English - freeware games, some of them are just brilliant
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Chairman of the CDP:
Alex A. Soubbotin.
Telephone: 765-4845.
Theme-based links. During our wanderings through the spaces of the Internet we have found out the following pages, which, probably, will be interesting and for you also:

poetry and songs: - Representative Poetry Online minstrels/index.html - miscellaneous poems of many authors - thousands of classical poems, an educational resource to aid students, educators, and the curious search.php?cat=Poetry - human-read audio books: poetry - mostly German and English folk songs, texts and melodies

pictures, photos and cards: The herd.htm - our new-year pigs are delivered directly from there

jokes and anecdotes: - very nice jokes - a lot of wonderful one-liners and aphorisms - a big collection of professional jokes about programmers, mathematicians, engineers, lawyers, accountants, managers etc. - not too bad jokes here, also

!   Please, keep it in mind, that the content of some materials, placed on the given pages, may prove to be insulting for you. And do not forget (as usual in the Internet) to be armed with anti-virus program, firewall and antispyware.