Search engines popularity statistics.

Among users. Below given the approximate figures for the beginning of 2008 for Russian-speaking area:
Yandex 47.4 %
Google 31.2 %
Rambler 9.7 %
Mail.Ru* 7.0 % (* uses Yandex)
Yahoo! 1.3 %
AOL 1.1 % (in collaboration with Google)
Microsoft 0.6 %

Search market share worldwide (source: ComScore, the data on December 2007):
Google sites 46.47%
Yahoo! sites 17.16% (China's leading search engine) 13.77%
Microsoft sites 12.87%
NHN Corporation 2.4 (includes the most popular South Korean Internet portals and search engines) 4.71%
eBay 3.9%
Time Warner Network (including AOL) 1.6%
Ask Network 1.1%
Yandex 0.9% 0.8% (the Chinese company that specializes in Internet commerce and online auctions)

  We must respect statistics and adjust our actions according to it. But it is hard not to take into account our personal search experience. As for me, I've stopped to use the originally Russian search engines (Yandex, Rambler, Aport) on a dayly basis a few years ago, after entering in the search field the word кабан (I was looking for pictures) and receiving in response a number of photos of some Mr. Kabanov, and, just after it, on the request Московский Кремль got what you I believe will still be able to see even now when using Aport. And I would also argue about the Russian statistics on the quality of requests' processing. At the first place we put Yandex. So why on the request боров the first ten positions of the resulting page are occupied by variations of the word бор?

So I'm definitely for Google and Yahoo!
Google search - Russia
Yahoo! search – in Russian