Registering a mailbox.

What do we need an e-mail address for? Of course in order to receive feedback from our grateful readers (customers, etc.)! At the moment there is nothing that could be easier. You go to the mail service of Google - Gmail or or mail service of MSN - The only thing worth mentioning here: if you are concerned about the confidentiality of your correspondence, the use of paid services or something in the likeness of hotmail or ( is preferable. The last two free mail-hosts are known for being tightly covered from the outside world, and given to the number of their clients to think that these companies will suddenly develop a special interest in you... At the worst you'll always be able to run a mail server on your own machine, nowadays there's a great variety of them (commercial and free) online. Well, you must decide for yourself. But keep it in mind that more often than not web-hostings offering e-mail addresses (especially free ones) are renowned for their openness to all the world, and (as if that is not enough) for their poor anti-spam policy. So, if you can dig up on this kind of hostings a desired letter then consider yourself very lucky. But, ultimately, the choice is all yours.